Proactively Protect Against Malware


365体育平台 Stop threats earlier in the kill chain and protect your users and data from costly attacks.

365体育平台 Targeted threats such as malware, ransomware, phishing, and data exfiltration have evolved to scan enterprises for gaps in their security posture, and many are now exploiting the Domain Name System (DNS) to extract sensitive data from your organization.

Take a Threat Check

Significantly improve security defenses

Proactively block DNS requests to malware and ransomware drop sites, malware command and control (CnC) servers, and DNS data exfiltration and phishing domains based on unique and up-to-date threat intelligence.

Easily reduce management time

Administer security policies and updates from anywhere in seconds to protect all locations.

Instantly add protection without complexity or hardware

Configure and deploy this 100% cloud-based and rapidly scalable solution in minutes with no disruption for users.

Quickly and uniformly enforce compliance and your acceptable use policy (AUP)

365体育平台Block access to objectionable or inappropriate domains and content categories.

Immediately increase DNS resilience and reliability

365体育平台Incorporate Akamai’s proven, carrier-grade global intelligent platform into your network stack.

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