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Credential Stuffing and Bot Management

Understanding credential stuffing and the difference between good and bad bot traffic is essential for the security and performance of your websites and applications.

365体育平台 Learn to spot and avert the most evasive threats to stay ahead in the evolving landscape and stop the most sophisticated bots at the Edge.

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Better control your web traffic

You interact with more than just your customers through your website. Better understand who is coming to your website and what they are trying to do. Then, apply the right policies to control how they can interact with you, what content they can see, and their impacts on your business.

Maximize and protect online revenue

You interact with more than just your customers through your website. Better understand who is coming to your website and what they are trying to do. Then, apply the right policies to control how they can interact with you, what content they can see, and their impacts on your business.

Maintain competitive advantage

Whether it is to price match or repurpose your value-added content, your competitors often scrape your website to gain an advantage in the market. Bot Manager can help you better manage your online competitive dynamics and retain control over your customer relationships.

Minimize impacts of web fraud

Reduce your financial risk by protecting your website against credential abuse, gift card balance checking, and other forms of web fraud. Bot Manager can detect and identify the most sophisticated bots—including those seen conducting these types of attacks.

Granular visibility into bot traffic

Better support and provide greater value to the business. With granular and real-time visibility into bot traffic, Bot Manager helps you reduce the time to visibility and enables you to provide better insights to your business about the makeup of their bot traffic.

Reduce IT costs and overhead

Offload both your bot traffic and the operational overhead required to identify and manage it to the Akamai cloud delivery platform.

Bot directory

365体育平台Akamai continuously updates its directory of more than 1,400 known bots in 17 categories that commonly interact with Akamai customers, to help you apply more granular controls to a wide range of good bots operated by legitimate web and business services.

Mobile protection

Protect your native mobile apps and supporting APIs from automated threats such as credential stuffing. Organizations can integrate bot detection capabilities with their native mobile apps using Bot Manager’s mobile SDK.

Real-time detections

365体育平台Bot Manager employs a variety of techniques, including user behavior analysis, browser fingerprinting, HTTP anomaly detection, high request rate, and workflow validation, to detect traffic from unknown bots ranging from simple scripts to automated and headless browsers.

Customize to your business

Create custom bot signatures to manage bots already known to you and assign a wide range of actions to different types of bots, based on their impacts on your business and IT infrastructure, in order to achieve your desired outcomes.

Advanced management actions

365体育平台Apply a wide range of actions to your bot traffic, including the ability to slow bots down, serve alternate content, deliver to alternate origins, and serve cached content—all in the Akamai cloud. In addition, actions can be further refined based on the URL, time of day, or by percentage of traffic.

Bot-centric reporting and analysis

365体育平台Go beyond typical high-level traffic statistics and better understand your bot traffic. Apply filters across up to 12 different dimensions to zoom into different areas of your bot traffic, and analyze sample events to learn how different bots interact with your website.

Web and price scraping

Competitors and other 3rd-parties often use automated bots to scrape your website for prices and other content. Bot Manager provides a range of options beyond simple blocking to manage web and price scrapers, including the options to slow down or serve alternate content.

Content aggregation

You create and invest in high quality content to attract visitors to your website. Protect that content from 3rd-parties who use automated bots to scrape and repurpose it, and ensure that more organic search traffic is funneled to your website where you can monetize those views.

Airline and hotel booking

Maximize your sales opportunities and engage with potential customers through your ecosystem of partners that track your flight schedules and fares with automated bots, while controlling your global distribution system and other backend costs.

Event ticketing and hype sales

With limited inventory and extremely high demand, you always sell out within seconds. Bot Manager can help ensure that more of what you’re selling ends up in the hands of your actual customers, where it can generate hype and drive higher brand engagement, as well as additional sales.

Managing your partners

Even partners can use bots to scrape your website for information they need to better sell your products. Bot Manager helps you give your partners what they need to be successful while minimizing the performance impact on your actual customers.

Credential abuse

Botnets365体育平台 engaging in credential stuffing attacks are among the most sophisticated—difficult to detect and quick to evolve when blocked. Bot Manager includes the most sophisticated bot detection capabilities to provide sustainable protection against credential abuse and web fraud.

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