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A proactive, fully managed security service to protect your business-critical assets

365体育平台Solving today’s most complex security challenges with advisory, extensive expertise, deep visibility, and best-in-class 24/7 DDoS and web application attack mitigation. Managed Kona Site Defender Service is a managed security service designed to help build a responsive cloud security strategy. It leverages the expertise and infrastructure provided by Akamai’s globally distributed 24/7/365 Security Operations Command Center to help customers maintain attack readiness, get security monitoring and attack support, and receive ongoing security reporting.

“For us, Akamai is the best choice to build a flexible defense strategy.”

— Henning Dürkop, IT Coordinator, e-Commerce at Schneider Versand
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What is Managed Kona Site Defender Service?

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365体育平台Managed Kona Site Defender Service is Akamai’s flagship Security Service for customers seeking to offset business risk and keep their business protected. The service includes 24/7 proactive monitoring and attack mitigation, attack readiness, and a Managed Security Advocate — a strategic and consultative main point of contact to maintain and strengthen customer security posture, and demonstrate the ongoing value of Managed Kona.

Mitigate Business Risk

A proactive website and web application security strategy

Cut Costs

365体育平台Access to experts, Akamai’s 24/7/365 SOC monitoring, and configuration assistance

Stay Ready

Akamai’s 24/7/365 monitoring, support, and ongoing reviews and drills

Stay Ahead

Monthly reports and “After Action” reports

Attack Readiness

Threat Update Reviews
Security Configuration Assistance
Table-Top Attack Drills
365体育平台 Customer Cadence Meetings

Security Event Monitoring and Attack Support

Managed Kona Site Defender
Security Event Monitoring
Security Incident Management (Attack Support)

Security Activity Reporting

Monthly Managed Kona
Solution Report
365体育平台 Security After Action Reporting

Managed Security Advocate

Named Contact for Managed
365体育平台 Security Service