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365体育平台 DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks are one of the leading cyber threats facing today’s businesses. We have created this resource center to provide you with information on DDoS attacks and resources about DDoS trends and DDoS protection.


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Largest DDoS Attack

1.3 TBPS

This attack set the record for the largest attack mitigated by Akamai.

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Popular Vectors


UDP fragment floods are used in nearly a third of all DDoS attacks.

More DDoS Activity

Cost per company per year


Customer-facing revenue losses exceed costs in each of four other areas.

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DDoS Attacks 101

Preventing and Stopping DDoS Attacks

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Can I Prevent DDoS Attacks?

With a DDoS protection plan and runbook, you can prevent damage from DDoS attacks.

365体育平台 A CDN-based DDoS protection service can prevent malicious traffic from reaching your website or API.

365体育平台 A DDoS scrubbing service can quickly mitigate attacks that target non-web infrastructure.

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DDoS Prevention Resources

Threat Advisories

Zero-second DDoS Mitigation SLA

Learn about proactive mitigation controls and how they provide zero-second DDoS mitigation backed by Akamai’s industry-leading SLA.

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The State of the Internet Security Report

The State of the Internet / Security Report

365体育平台 Check out emerging trends, attack statistics, and market changes related to the security landscape.

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Nine Myths About DDoS Protection

Nine Myths About DDoS Protection

There are a lot of myths about DDoS protection floating around — some are even encouraged by security vendors. Discover what organizations need to know to avoid a vulnerable DDoS defense strategy.

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DDoS Protection Products

The Smartest Protection Against DDoS Attacks

Cloud-Based Protection for DDoS Attacks

During a DDoS attack, network pipes can be overwhelmed, rendering useless on-premise DDoS mitigation hardware. That’s why businesses are moving to cloud-based security, which has greater scale and capacity for DDoS protection.

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Akamai Prolexic Solutions

Prolexic solutions provide fully managed DDoS protection for your applications, data centers, and network infrastructure. With Prolexic DDoS protection in place, your services will remain available and responsive during a broad range of attacks, including high-bandwidth and shifting-vector attacks.

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DDoS News

Defense By Design: How To Dampen DDoS Attacks With A Resilient Network

Defense By Design: How To Dampen DDoS Attacks With A Resilient Network

365体育平台 DDoS attacks cripple targets while commandeering massive resources across the Internet. Learn how Eugene Spafford, executive director emeritus at Purdue University, developed effective defenses against DDoS attacks by architecting a resilient network.

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2018 DDoS and Web Application Attack Stats / Asia Pacific

2018 DDoS and Web Application Attack Stats / Asia Pacific

365体育平台 Organizations share their DDoS experiences, including costs, hours of downtime, mitigation technologies, top consequences, and barriers to DDoS protection.

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Understanding DDoS Reflection — Memcached UDP

365体育平台 Hear from Akamai’s Renny Shen on why and how organizations need to prepare for DDoS attacks using UDP reflection.

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Additional DDoS Resources

Making a DDoS Protection Plan – 8 Best Practices

DDoS attackers launch hundreds of DDoS attacks every day. When a DDoS attack strikes an organization, panic is common. This white paper explores best practices for building and maintaining a DDoS protection plan.

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Checklist: 8 Best DDoS Mitigation Practices

365体育平台 Having a DDoS mitigation plan in place can make the difference between organization-wide chaos and an orderly and timely DDoS response. This checklist outlines the eight steps organization can take to prepare for a DDoS attack.

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Ponemon Institute: Trends in the Cost of Web Application and Denial of Service Attacks

Understanding the prevalence and costs associated with web applications and denial of service attacks is crucial for organizations. Based on surveys of more than 600 IT professionals, discover typical attack costs and other cloud security trends.

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Memcached Reflection Attacks: A New Era for DDoS

365体育平台 On February 28, 2018, the largest DDoS attack recorded to date targeted an Akamai customer with a recording setting 1.3 Tbps of Memcached reflection DDoS traffic. Learn about Memcached DDoS, the importance of DDoS mitigation planning, and how Akamai is architected for DDoS resilience.

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How the Mirai Botnet is Fueling Today’s Largest and Most Crippling DDoS Attacks

The largest DDoS attacks have continued to increase greatly in strength and doubling in attack size and among the largest recent years was in 2016 using the Mirai Botnet. Learn about Mirai, the rise of IoT botnets, and the resilience of the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform.

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