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New updates to our Intelligent Edge Platform deliver fast, smart, secure experiences, no matter where you are in your cloud transformation journey.

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March Release 2019

AfterBuzz delivers high-quality post-game coverage seamlessly to their global audiences.

March Release 2019

OSHEAN augments in-house expertise to mitigate DDoS attacks and ensure uninterrupted service to their members.

March Release 2019

CBC takes their online experience to the next level with a user-centric mindset and the right technologies.

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"Attacks through the gig economy can be done when an ecosystem of attackers earning through data stolen through credential stuffing run a bot to attack an entity to steal data or, in simpler terms, do an account takeover."

365体育平台 — Innovation needed to combat cyber attacks via gig economy


"OTT distributors are discovering that even seemingly minor glitches in online video quality have the potential to undermine results."

— Best Practices For Premium Video Streaming: Performance Testing — Streaming Media


"Edge computing—as an extension of cloud services in the market—is already having an impact in the streaming industry."

— 2019 Preview: Edge computing advances will bolster video streaming and cloud gaming

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