Identity Cloud

Today’s digital-native consumers expect seamless and secure brand interactions that provide personalized online experiences — and protect their personal data privacy and preferences.

For brands that put identity first, Akamai’s cloud-native Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) solution empowers fast-to-deploy single sign-on (SSO), registration, authentication, and preference management. Identity Cloud enables centralized profile access management on a flexible SaaS platform built to scale, perform, and comply with regulatory requirements around the world. It can handle complex consumer-facing use cases with millions of users.

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Use Cases

Customer On-boarding

365体育平台Deploy comprehensive, secure, and seamless customer on-boarding

Single Sign-on

Implement SSO across multiple apps and platforms

Reduce Account Abandonment with Self-Service Identity Management

365体育平台Empower your customers to create and manage their digital profiles using a self-service process.

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Registration and Authentication

Provide a front door for registration and authentication that’s always open and always secure


365体育平台Scale to support millions of global customers

Digital Identity Security Assurance: How to Keep Your Customer Data Secure

In managing digital identities and building consumer trust, companies need to apply the highest security measures to protect themselves and their customers.

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Simple, Secure User Access

Gated and subscription-based access across online retail and subscription platforms

Access Control

Deploy privileged role-based or attribute-based access control (RBAC/ABAC)


Enable multi-factor authentication and security controls

Digital Identity Security Assurance: How to Keep Your Customer Data Secure

365体育平台In managing digital identities and building consumer trust, companies need to apply the highest security measures to protect themselves and their customers.

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Data Governance

Eliminate legacy identity data silos

Data Policy Management

Enable the centralization of customer data policies

Consent Management

Build trust with customer-facing preference and consent management

Actionable Intelligence

365体育平台Enable segmentation and personalization and get complete customer journey analytics with real-time 360-degree views of customers across all channels and touchpoints

System Integration

Integrate with marketing automation, business intelligence, CRM, and other downstream systems

The solution focuses on high availability and harvesting user data for marketing analysis. It provides almost every feature expected in an advanced CIAM solution. [Akamai's Identity Cloud] is mature and highly scalable, and should be seriously considered by organizations that need high availability, GDPR-compliant consent management, and comprehensive marketing analytics features.

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How does Identity Cloud Work?

How does Identity Cloud Work

365体育平台Identity Cloud is a full end-to-end identity as a service (IDaaS) CIAM solution that enables companies to implement enterprise-grade identity management in a fast, flexible way. Engineered with a cloud-native architecture, the solution intelligently scales with application capacity needs to accommodate spikes in traffic and deliver unmatched performance and availability. Identity Cloud is designed to help you build trust in your brand, decrease risk, and mitigate attacks by storing consumer data securely across all regions and applications. Additionally, you can gain usable insights into your customer journeys — from anonymous to known — with a single, global view.

Identity Cloud Features


Akamai Identity Cloud helps you enforce identity data management and authorization policies. Security capabilities include scoped access to customer profiles based on role or attributes, plus segmented SSO for end users. Akamai Identity Cloud enables:

  • Risk analytics
  • Auditable privacy protection
  • End-to-end security
  • Infrastructure management
  • Policy enforcement
  • Compliance management
  • Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) and integration with all major SIEM solutions

Customer Data Analytics

Akamai Identity Cloud creates trusted digital relationships that drive increased customer engagement, beyond purchase history and product registration. Akamai Identity Cloud empowers:

  • Customer profile insights
  • First-party data
  • Second-party data from analytics
  • Third-party data from social login and other external sources
  • Segmentation
  • Personalization
  • Customer journey analytics
  • Customer experience optimization

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