Phased Release Cloudlet

365体育平台 Facilitate a fast rollout of code changes to production with real users and the ability to failback

Perform canary releases with built-in proactive failover to reduce risk during continuous software release activities.

Akamai Phased Release
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Business and marketing requirements are driving a faster pace for web infrastructure and operations teams. In response to this, continuous delivery and continuous deployment have been adopted in an effort to ship code to production more quickly and gain operational efficiencies through DevOps practices. This need for speed puts pressure on the software development lifecycle and ultimately directly on infrastructure and operations teams. A lack of sufficient tools or controls to support the agility required to quickly and accurately test and deploy new apps or releases on an ongoing basis could lead to disastrous results should a new deployment underperform or fail in production after you’ve rolled it out to your entire customer base.

Overcoming the operational hurdles to coordinate various functions and their respective owners can be a challenge as your deadlines are rapidly approaching. A common practice to reduce risk when quickly deploying new web experiences365体育平台 is to perform canary releases to a subset of users in production before rolling out to your entire audience. Configuring these types of settings at the load balancer or gateway router can be complex to manage, risky in production, and eat up valuable time because of the need to coordinate various release activities across teams and functions.

Akamai Cloudlet Diagram Phased Release

The Phased Release Cloudlet helps DevOps teams use the Akamai Intelligent Platform to control traffic to canary deployments by providing you a tool to gradually shift a percentage of users to a new software release while retaining the flexibility to failover immediately should you encounter challenges in production. Built with the performance and scale of the Akamai Intelligent Platform, the Phased Release Cloudlet can help you speed time to market and reduce risk with speed, flexibility and control during frequent software releases.

User Interface

Cloudlets are self-provisioned and self-configured via Luna Property Manager and Cloudlets Policy Manager. You can also manage Cloudlets functionality via included API.

Akamai Phased Release User Interface