Media Acceleration

Enhanced quality, speed and consistency for Akamai Media Delivery

365体育平台 Akamai’s Media Acceleration enhances the performance of media delivered over the Internet to create more engaging experiences for online audiences. This technology specifically addresses the fundamental challenges of delivering great online video viewing, fast gaming experiences and software downloads for the best possible experience for each individual.

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Media Acceleration Overview
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Improving Quality Through A Fundamental Shift in Online Media Distribution

365体育平台 Media Acceleration facilitates a fundamental shift in the way media distribution solutions are designed in order to maintain high-quality delivery over the Internet, focusing on the area where quality tends to be impacted most: between the edge of the Akamai Intelligent Platform and the user device.

By acting as an extension to Akamai’s content delivery capabilities, Media Acceleration can be enabled by integrating technology directly into consumer applications or browsers. It utilizes UDP-based technology to enable a consistent, reliable delivery experience for each end user regardless of their circumstances or local network conditions. The user-centric approach that was applied to the design of Media Acceleration places an emphasis on the growing expectations of end users, prioritizing quality for everyone.

Akamai Media Delivery Solutions

Akamai’s Media Acceleration is available to Akamai customers as a feature of Akamai’s Adaptive Media Delivery and Download Delivery products*. To activate, customers need to integrate the Media Acceleration SDK into their supported apps and browsers.

*The feature is also compatible with Akamai’s Media Services Live and Media Services on Demand for customers utilizing Akamai’s stream packaging option for video delivery.