Data Protection at Akamai

Akamai is trusted to make digital experiences fast, intelligent, and secure. We understand that the way we process personal data is an important part of that trust and are committed to upholding the privacy of our customers, customer’s end users, employees, and online users. hyperguitar.complies with the laws of all countries in which it operates, including the data protection laws in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

The Akamai Data Protection and Privacy Program protects the personal information that we process by respecting global privacy principles. Akamai’s Global Data Protection Office, headed by our Chief Data Protection Officer, manages this important effort.

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Identity Cloud and GDPR

365体育平台 Identity Cloud securely captures and manages customer identity and profile data, and controls customer access to applications and services.

From enabling fine-grained data access control to allowing companies to manage consent from their customers, Akamai has helped global brands exceed customer privacy expectations and meet regulatory data protection requirements. Visit the Identity Cloud page for more information about how a CIAM can help satisfy your GDPR compliance needs.

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  • Akamai Data Protection Addendum – For Customers
    365体育平台 This Addendum is effective as of May 25, 2018 and supplements and amends Akamai’s Terms & Conditions with its customers.

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  • Akamai Data Protection Addendum – For Partners
    365体育平台 This Addendum is effective as of May 25. and supplements and amends the Channel Agreement between Akamai and its Partners.

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  • Technical and Organizational Measures to Secure the Personal Data
    This overview outlines the technical and organizational measures Akamai has in place to secure the personal data it processes when providing its services.

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  • Countries in which Akamai maintains servers
    365体育平台 This document lists the countries in which Akamai maintains server points of presence and lists the Akamai subsidiaries that own Akamai servers.

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  • Akamai's Sub-Processors for the Service Provisioning

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  • HIPAA and HITECH ACT Compliance Statement

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  • Identity Cloud Service Privacy Statement

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  • Overview of Personal Data Processing Activities at Akamai

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